Tweets spoken out loud

Just been playing with the Microsoft Speech API and have integrated it into a version of Twitter Watch to make Twitter Watch Speech! It will only work if you have Microsoft Speech installed though (it will be if you have a "Speech" section in your control panel), and Internet Explorer, albeit on a lowered security setting (i.e. enabling "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting" in custom security settings). But you trust me, right?!

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Twitter Watch

This mashup is based on the addictive messaging medium that is Twitter. Twitter's API allows users to get hold of the latest tweets and Twitter Watch displays these as a constant stream, updating your screen every few seconds with a new tweet. (May contain foul language.)

UPDATE: Because not all tweets are in English, we've improved this mashup so that tweets can be translated into any one of a fairly large selection of languages. This is possible thanks to the Google AJAX Language API.

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