Alternative Vote

The referendum on whether to replace First Past the Post with the Alternative Vote is looming, so I thought I'd make this mashup to understand it a bit better. You can even use it to vote on things yourself, like what DVD to watch on a film night, for example.

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A random little project that allows you to have a bit of fun with your Facebook profile. Upload a source image and this will crop images for you so that they fit on your page and create an interesting effect. To see what I mean, have a look here.

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Ohloh OAuth PHP Example

Ohloh is a fantastic site for developers and like all good sites, they have an API! It uses OAuth, which sometimes can be a bit difficult to get one's head around, so I've written an example that should make it easier!

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NetFlix API OAuth PHP Example

Netflix, the DVD rental company, have a very useful API! It uses OAuth to authenticate users, so I thought it might be useful to write some example code in PHP to help get folks started. Download here

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Google Playground

Google have come up with a Code Playground which should be great for web mashup enthusiasts wanting to try out Google's selection of APIs. It's like a little sandbox where you can get your hands dirty testing what can be achieved!

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London Bus Route Maps

We've launched a new sister site called which displays an integrated map of all the bus routes in London, a bit like the ubiquitous London Tube map. Hope it's useful!

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Google Gadgets API

The little boxes on your Google homepage (also know as your "iGoogle" page) are called Google Gadgets. The documentation for the API is pretty good and we've made a few gadgets of our own!


eBay Local

In a previous post we mentioned a site called eBay-o-maniac. Well, there's a cool new feature called eBay Local which locates auctions near a given postcode (i.e. near where you live) so that you can arrange collection with the seller and save on postage. Check it out!

Keyword search has just been added to their Realtime Spy feature as well.

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